Screening tonight!

"My Sister, the Psychopath" screening and Q & A

Date: Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Berklee College of Music -- Learning Center Media Lab, first floor, 150 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA

Berklee is near the Hynes T stop on the Green Line (B, C, and D trains).


Laura, naive but curious, longs to express her feelings for a certain special someone -- and for his equally desirable brother.  At least she has her beloved dolls to confide in, and sometimes the dolls even talk back.  Laura’s younger sister Helena, a Goth girl, does not hesitate to go after the things that she wants -- like a pair of sketchy brothers who, in her imagination at least, inhabit an enticing and dangerous underworld.  Fearless in indulging her craving for perverse thrills, Helena seems almost to dare something terrible to happen to her.  The two sisters, worlds apart in personality, can’t stand each other, so they don’t realize that they share a tendency to live among their fantasies.  Can they get past their differences in time to keep each other out of the psych ward and the city morgue?